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No matter what stage you are in your Financial Services career, Keti Searches will make a difference!

If you are an independent financial representative and don't have the resources to put into researching clients to feed names, then Keti Searches will help your business.

If you are a rookie beginning your career at a major company and need to build up your client base fast, then Keti Searches will help your business.

If you are a veteran agent that is looking to get back to the top, then Keti Searches will help your business.





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Keti Searches helps you by boosting the sales cycle's most crucial step... Prospecting!  Your business grows by acquiring new clients.  You acquire new clients by getting referrals from current clients.  There is a problem, though.  Some clients don’t like to “give up” their friends' names to you.

Keti Searches gives you a tool to use with your clients when asking for leads.  Using my services will give you a simple, casual way of gathering referred leads.  By bringing a list of names for your client to “refer” to you, your goal will be that much easier to attain.

Keti Searches has many advantages, the top two being your client is more likely to give you referrals because you have taken the pressure off of them and you feel more confident going into the appointment equipped with a list of names to feed.  These two benefits alone increase your chances of success tremendously!


“Confidence is contagious; so is lack of confidence”  Vince Lombardi


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