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No matter what stage you are in your Financial Services career, Keti Searches will make a difference!

If you are an independent financial representative and don't have the resources to put into researching clients to feed names, then Keti Searches will help your business.

If you are a rookie beginning your career at a major company and need to build up your client base fast, then Keti Searches will help your business.

If you are a veteran agent that is looking to get back to the top, then Keti Searches will help your business.





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It is not easy asking clients for referrals no matter how long you have been in the business.  By using my services, it still won’t be easy asking for referrals.  ;-)  HOWEVER once you do ask, your chances of getting them will increase dramatically.

I'm not offering a secret magic potion that make your clients more compliant nor are they the Ultimate Playbook of referral techniques.  My services are very simple.  I give you a list of names your client may know.  You take this list with you on your appointment.  When you get to the part of your meeting when you ask for referrals, use my list of leads with the language I provide.  Voilà!  You will walk away with a number of qualified leads and your client will walk away unconcerned of their role in your Prospecting process.

"The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure." - Sven Goran Eriksson
Feeding Names

I prepare a list of names your client may know, such as neighbors, employees, business partners, association members, etc.

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